Why You Should Choose an Independent Auto Repair Shop

The Better Alternative To The Dealership

For Santa Clarita auto repairs, your choices usually come down to independent auto repair shops and dealerships. There are valid reasons to go to both. For example, your car could be under warranty. Because of that, the dealership might this repair for free. However, if your vehicle is not under its original warranty, consider an independent shop.

Independent Garages and Auto Repair

The advantages of independent shops include these:

  • You meet with your technicians and directly explain the repair issues.
  • The loyalty is to you, not to the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Many have the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Blue Seal and carry certified technicians.
  • Technicians have experience working on a diverse range of cars and receive continuing education.
  • These shops tend to score higher on price, customer satisfaction, and timely repairs.
  • Replacement parts and labor tend to be cheaper.
  • Many technicians used to work in dealerships and have specialized experience.

Facts about Dealerships and Auto Repair

Dealerships want to protect their brands, so their loyalties lie more with vehicle manufacturers than with customers. Dealerships need to know about problems occurring with cars recently purchased and want these issues fixed as quickly as possible. It makes complete sense that many offer free repairs under a valid warranty.

However, dealerships can be sprawling operations. It’s not typical for customers to meet with the mechanic who works on their car. More common is when customers speak with an advisor who then relays the vitals to technicians. Also, dealerships tend to have more overhead and expenses. If you go to one for a repair after your warranty has run out, expect the cost to be higher than at an independent garage.

Dealerships don’t work with all car brands, either. Suppose you need engine tuneups on your vehicle, and there’s a dealership down the street. There’s no guarantee it will accept your car for repairs, while independent shops likely will. Dealerships specialize in several brands rather than accepting a variety of European, Asian, and domestic makes and models.

Dealerships do come in handy for repairs under warranty and recalls. They can be an excellent option if your car requires special attention, although independent shops often employ technicians with that experience. Sometimes, they’re former dealership employees. Valencia Auto Performance in Santa Clarita is an independent ASE shop with certified technicians. We have an A+ BBB rating for our clean shop and our ethics. Stop by soon or make an appointment online.

Written by Valencia Auto Performance

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