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Engine Tune-Ups in Santa Clarita, CA

We Protect the Heart of Your Car!

Premier Preventative Tune-Ups

Engine tune-ups at Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog in Santa Clarita, CA protect the heart of your vehicle. Our ASE certified technicians follow a thorough procedure to analyze and inspection engine components, performance and efficiency.

Signs You Need A Tune-Up

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light

  • Poor Gas Mileage

  • Decreased Power

  • Running Rough

  • Knocking During Acceleration

  • Stalling When Stopped

  • Engine Running When Ignition is Turned Off

If you notice any change in your vehicle’s behavior or signs of poor performance, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional assistance. We can tell you if poor fuel economy is the result of weakened engine efficiency or poor wheel alignment. Our expert team has years of experience working with all makes and models to improve our customers’ driving experience. Vehicles that continue to thrill mile after mile have well-protected and maintained engines. Sustaining power and efficiency is simple with tune-up service at Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog. We follow manufacturer recommendations for tune-up scheduling and service points and consider your specific vehicle’s age, mileage and maintenance history. A lot goes into a great engine tune-up. Our technicians put in the extra effort to provide exceptional results.

Our Process

An engine tune-up at Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog starts with a thorough inspection conducted by our ASE certified technicians. We visually inspect the engine for damages or worn out parts and make notes of recommended repairs. We test electrical components, spark plugs, filters and more to ensure everything is working properly to power the vehicle. Filters and fuel injectors commonly accumulate grime and dirt over time. These deposits cause sluggish engine performance and poor fuel economy. Our comprehensive tune-ups identify any areas for improvement in the engine. We check all components and make replacements and repairs to restore optimal engine performance.

Key Points During an Engine Tune-Up

We perform the following inspections, tests and replacements as needed during standard tune-up service:

  • Replace Points & Condenser

  • Adjust Ignition Timing & Idle

  • Replace PCV Valve

  • Replace Engine & Cabin Air Filters

  • Check Oil & Coolant Levels

  • Test Electrical Components

Book Your Tune-Up Today

Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog invites you to stop by our shop in Santa Clarita, CA for premier engine tune-ups and maintenance service. We protect the heart of your vehicle with thorough inspections and quality repairs using OE equivalent quality parts. Visit us today for same-day service!