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The Importance Of Routine Oil Change — Valencia Auto Performance & Simply Smog

Aging oil lends itself to sludge formation in your engine, leading to reduced performance and possibly an untimely death for your vehicle. With the cost of a new car, that seemingly small amount of sludge can be costly. Therefore, don’t just let your auto die. Fight it! Although you shouldn’t hit your car, you can certainly take steps to slug out the sludge. Start with getting routine oil changes from the certified technicians at Valencia Auto Performance & Simply Smog in Santa Clarita, California.

Oil’s Function–and Malfunction

Whether you use conventional oil (made from naturally occurring crude), synthetic blend (a chemical compound with additives), or synthetic blend (a combination of the two), engine lubricant serves multiple important functions for your car. First, the oil coats the moving metal parts, preventing friction from flaking off metal shavings as the components rub against one another. Also, the oil absorbs a great deal of heat (generated by friction) from the engine and removes it from the immediate area. Reducing heat is important in keeping metal parts from warping.

Motor oil traps and suspends the dirt, holding it away from the parts it can damage. As long as your vehicle has a sufficient amount of clean lubricant, the oil generally functions as intended. However, as oil ages (which happens with mileage and driving conditions, not just time), it begins to break down, meaning that it cannot properly do its job. As the oil decays, it combines with the dirt it can no longer suspend to form a nasty black gel. It lurks around inside your engine, choking performance and potentially causing damage. Sometimes, it can be seen hanging around on the outside of the engine. That’s when you know you have a serious problem that likely needs professional cleaning (sludge removal).

Help for Slugging Out the Sludge

When you consider the long-term costs of sludge damaging your engine, you’ll likely determine that you’re saving money by performing routine preventive maintenance services. We can assist you in following the manufacturer’s recommendations found in your owner’s manual. If you drive in extreme conditions, we can discuss with you possible adjustments to the regular schedule. Also, should you find that your auto is already developing sludge, we’ll discuss the repair options with you and take care of the sludge removal. Our certified professionals are always prepared to help you get the most out of your vehicle, so they’ll do the “slugging” for you. Check out our Specials tab. We even offer coupons to help you save money on related services. That’s why you can always trust Valencia Auto Performance & Simply Smog in Santa Clarita, California.

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