Should You Resurface Your Brakes?

When To Resurface vs. Replace

Are you having brake issues? If your vehicle is vibrating when you brake, or you feel your brakes aren’t working properly, it’s time to take your vehicle in for expert brake repair services. While many issues can reduce your braking power, one possibility is your brake rotors. If you have an issue with your brake rotors, you need to determine whether you should resurface or replace them.

Signs You Need to Resurface Your Brakes

The most common sign of damaged or corroded rotors is unusual vibrations. If you feel the entire front of your vehicle, or just your brake pedal, vibrating when stopped or stopping, you need to have your rotors inspected.

Typical issues with your rotors include a buildup of deposits, corrosion, lateral runout, or warped rotors. Each of these needs to be addressed before you continue to use your brakes; otherwise, your vehicle may dangerously lose braking efficiency.

The Resurfacing Process

After a qualified technician inspects your rotors, they may recommend brake resurfacing. This simple process requires professional expertise but polishes your rotors back to a smooth, clear surface. Braking hard and wearing through brake pads can cause deposits of brake pad material to stick to your rotors, so it’s important to have these periodically removed to ensure your new brake pads can press evenly against a smooth rotor.

Resurfacing Brakes vs. Brake Replacement

While simple resurfacing projects are cost-effective, major resurfacing issues can actually cost more than a replacement brake rotor. Ask your local technician to inspect your rotors and determine the best course of action. You not only want an affordable solution, but one that will keep your vehicle safe as you continue to operate your brakes.

On the other hand, you don’t want to replace your brake rotors if a simple resurfacing is more affordable and capable of offering similar results. Work with a trusted mechanic to weigh the pros and cons of resurfacing in regard to your particular make and model of the vehicle and the current situation of your rotors.

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