Should You Repair or Replace Your A/C Compressor?

Have you noticed a change in the quality of cold air coming from your vehicle’s AC system? Is the system blowing warm air or making strange sounds? These are indicators of a need for repairs on your auto’s air conditioning unit. It’s time to take your vehicle to a qualified repair shop for assessment and repair. They’ll be able to help you decide if your AC compressor is the problem and whether it is better to repair your compressor or replace it.

What is the Purpose of the AC Compressor?

The AC compressor is the heart of your vehicle’s environmental cooling system. It circulates the coolant, which allows the AC to work without fault. If the compressor is faulty or has failed, your entire AC system will be affected.

What are Some Warning Signs of a Failing Compressor?

The first and most obvious sign of a failing AC compressor is a change in the level of coolness in the air your AC is putting out. You may also hear strange sounds coming from your vehicle when you turn on the AC. A failing AC compressor can also be connected to clutch issues. If your clutch is stuck, the AC compressor won’t receive enough power from the engine to work properly.

What Should I Check Before Repairing or Replacing the AC Compressor?

Before you decide to repair or replace your AC compressor, check the vents for obstruction, change the cabin air filter and check your fuse box for blown fuses. These simple steps may save you much money if they are responsible for the change in your auto AC performance.

Should I Repair or Replace My AC Compressor if it Fails?

Consider the age of your AC compressor before deciding if you will repair or replace the failing unit. The second consideration you should have is cost. It may be less expensive to repair than replace the compressor under certain circumstances. There may be situations where replacement is actually less expensive than repair.

If you feel your auto AC compressor is failing, consider bringing your vehicle to Valencia Auto Service and Simply Smog in Santa Clarita, CA. We’ll assess your vehicle and talk with you about repair or replacement options to get your auto AC repair work done as quickly as possible.

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