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A Shocking Ride

If your suspension system is in disrepair, your comfort and handling may be quite “shocking.” An automobile’s shock absorbers are engineered to create a smoother ride and help you maintain control of your car as you cross imperfections in the road surface. If you’re no longer experiencing a comfortable ride or if your car feels hard to handle or out of adequate control, make an appointment with us. At Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog in Santa Clarita, California, our ASE certified technicians can replace your worn shocks and take care of all your suspension repair needs. Better yet, we back our work with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor, and we’ve earned a Better Business Bureau A+ rating.

Symptoms of Worn Shocks

Although one of our technicians will need to verify the nature of any vehicle troubles you’re experiencing, there are some signs that usually point to worn shocks absorbers. For example, your auto may rock back and forth or give you the sensation that you’re rolling across the paved surface. This can be quite uncomfortable to someone trying to drive safely. Further, you may feel or hear rattling or something similar. Also, you may have trouble stopping the car in time due to an increase in stopping distances. This is, of course, quite dangerous and discomforting, leaving you to wonder if you’ll be able to stop in an emergency. Spent shocks can also cause increased vibration that may be felt as you’re holding the steering wheel. Dipping and swerving might occur during braking, too. That’s clearly not a safe scenario. Additionally, you may notice yourself having a harder time controlling your car in windy weather. If so, you’ll probably find that you need to correct the steering with each gust. Let’s face it. It’s never comforting to feel as if you’re going to be blown off the side of a mountain at any moment. Finally, worn shocks can cause uneven tire wear by reducing the amount of contact between the tires and the road. Multiple issues can cause this problem, so you’ll want a technician to check it out to see if bad shocks are the culprit.

Your Local Suspension Repair Experts

Worn shocks are not only aggravating and uncomfortable, they can also be dangerous because they contribute to poor handling and control. Most shock absorbers are intended to last a long time (at least 50,000 miles), but your driving habits and location can impact that expectation. Regardless of mileage, Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog can help you make all needed suspension repairs.

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