How to Maintain Your Braking System

What You Can Do to Maintain Performance

Out of all the safety components and systems found in your vehicle, few things provide you with more control of your safety than the brakes. This system allows you to control when exactly you want to stop your vehicle and how quickly you want to stop it. You want to make sure that this system is always performing at its best, and the team at Valencia Auto Performance wants that some outcome for you. Here are our recommendations to ensure your vehicle’s braking system is keeping you safe for miles ahead!

Routine Service

The best way to maintain the high-quality performance of your vehicle’s braking system is to have it consistently inspected and serviced. Doing so allows the technicians to monitor its health and performance over time. As a result, they’ll be able to recognize when everything is in working order and when something may need a repair or replacement service. By following a routine service, you’ll be able to protect the system’s performance and ensure you are always using the best version of the brakes!

Conservative Driving Habits

Although many of us find it fun to drive at faster speeds, suddenly stop, and take on sharp corners, this aggressive driving also places a tremendous amount of stress on the systems and components found in your vehicle. This includes the braking system, as the sudden stops generate additional friction and heat, which will hasten the wear and tear process. How can you prevent this? By practicing better driving habits.

A habit you can practice immediately is to work on not tailgating drivers. Outside of being obnoxious, tailgating another driver also hurts the braking system. Many times, drivers will suddenly stop when they’re tailgating as the lack of space between the car in front of them doesn’t give them enough time to stop slowly. Instead of driving close behind, practice maintaining a two-car cushion with the vehicle in front of you. Not only will the other driver appreciate it, but you’ll also have time to come to a stop slowly!

Written by Mike Cavanah

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