How to Know Your Radiator Needs to be Replaced

Your radiator is responsible for keeping your engine cool. This is a critical job because, without a fully functioning radiator, your engine can overheat and fail. It’s important to maintain your radiator and have it regularly checked for leaks or other problems if you want to keep your engine in good repair.

Common Radiator Problems

There are several common problems you may encounter when it comes to faulty radiators. They may leak, get rusty, or cause other hoses in the system to fail.

  • A leaky radiator reduces the level of coolant in your engine, which can lead to system failure requiring cooling system repair.
  • A rusty radiator can cause blockages, which may lead to air gaps in the system.
  • A failure in a radiator hose can cause a sudden failure in the cooling system as a whole.

Regular maintenance can stave off more extensive and expensive repairs in the long run.

Signs of Problems

The most obvious sign of a radiator failure is overheating. If your temperature gauge goes up or steam billows from under your hood, it’s a good bet that your cooling system requires repair. Leaks of fluid under your vehicle may also indicate a problem with your radiator. If you find fluid under your car, you may want to take it to a service center where the technicians can diagnose the source of the fluid. Finally, you may see a change in the color of your coolant fluid. This change in color might be indicative of rust in your radiator and means it’s time to take your vehicle in for cooling system repair.

What Can You Do To Lessen The Chance of Radiator Failure?

The best thing you can do to keep your cooling system in good repair is to commit to a maintenance schedule based on your vehicle’s make, model, and age. Talk with your service technician to find out what schedule works best for you.

The service technicians at Valencia Auto Service and Simply Smog are available and happy to help you with any cooling system repair or maintenance you need. Give them a call to make an appointment at your earliest convenience to head off any major failures of the system.

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