Does Your Vehicle Need Brake Repair?

How You Can Tell

The braking system in your vehicle is crucial to not just its safety, but also its performance. Without a strong braking system, even navigating empty roads can be a challenge. The best way to have strong brakes is to schedule a visit with Valencia Auto Performance in San Clarita, California. But along with that, it’s also important to notice signs of deterioration, as it allows you to get ahead of small problems before they worsen. Before and during your next drive, look out for these signs of brake wear-and-tear!

Spongy Pedal

When you use the brake pedal, it should require little pressure to activate your brakes. If you feel that you have to apply more pressure than usual to activate your brakes, that means you have a spongy brake pedal. This is typically caused by air or moisture being trapped in the brake line, and you will need to have the brake lines bled to fix it. If not serviced, the brake pedal will eventually reach the floor of your vehicle, which makes it difficult and dangerous to drive.

Weird Sounds

When using the brakes, you should never hear any sounds. If you do, that’s a clear indication that your brakes are suffering from wear-and-tear. If you suspect problems in your brakes, listen for squeaking/squealing or grinding.

Squeaking/squealing means that the brake pads within your braking system have reached their minimal level of thickness. The sound originates from a metal spring or “hairs” that are installed within the pads. Once worn down enough, these components are exposed and gently start to scrape the brake disc, generating the sound. Although your brakes are technically fine for the time being, we recommend service at your first convenience to avoid bigger problems down the road.

If you hear grinding, that means you’ve waited too long for brake pad replacement and that the metal calipers are completely exposed and squeezing on the metal brake disc. This metal-on-metal contact is awful for the braking system and can lead to serious problems. We recommend coming in for service as soon as possible.

Overdue For Service

For your brakes to perform at their best for years to come, they need to be consistently serviced. This allows our technicians to properly monitor the condition of your brakes to ensure the system and its parts are in working order. Consistent service also allows our techs to determine when a part may need service next! If your vehicle is overdue for a brake inspection and service, make sure you schedule a visit with Valencia Auto Performance in San Clarita, California.

Written by Mike Cavanah

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