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Check Engine Light in Santa Clarita, CA

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Check Engine Light Service

Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog is happy to provide a full range of auto repairs for our community of drivers in the Santa Clarita Valley, including engine diagnostics and check engine light repair! We invite our customers who trust us for smog testing and repair to also call in the event of check engine light problems. The illuminated warning light is an early message from your vehicle to get professional assistance soon. Our team is on standby to provide the immediate help you need. Our ASE certified technicians rely on advanced diagnostic tools to provide instant answers and repairs. Visit us today for fast check engine light service!

Accurate Diagnostics

Now equipped with the industry’s best diagnostic tools to read problems on all makes and models, our large facility is your best resource for fast and simple check engine light repair. We identify the exact problem behind your engine warning light to provide the correct solution quickly–and on the first try! Ill-equipped repair shops simply guess at the likely problem triggering a warning indicator and when they guess wrong, you end up paying for unnecessary parts and repairs. That’s a huge waste of time and money for everyone! We like to do things with more accuracy to be the most reliable team in Santa Clarita, CA. We are dedicated to honest, fair and affordable auto repairs.

Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog never charges for repairs you don’t need and always provides honest answers to your vehicle’s check engine light. For fast service that you can count on, visit us in Santa Clarita, CA!

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Is your check engine light on? There’s no need to panic! Just follow these few simple steps. A check engine light doesn’t immediately mean that your vehicle is about to break down. You have time to safely drive over to Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog in Santa Clarita, CA. Find us at 26011 Bouquet Canyon Road. If you don’t have time to visit us today, no problem! Schedule your check engine light repair online with our convenient scheduling tool to ensure the problem is handled promptly to avoid further damages. Leave your vehicle with us and we’ll get under the hood to find out what’s behind the warning indicator. Count on our complimentary shuttle service to get you where you need to go. We’ll pick you up when your vehicle’s repairs are completed. For more intensive repairs, we offer free loaner cars to keep our customers on the road for the duration of their vehicle’s time in the shop. Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog makes your check engine light repair fast and simple.