Don’t Break Your Brakes: Driving Habits that Can Cause Damage — Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog

You Need Those! Some parts of your vehicle such as a radio or heated seats are optional. Brakes are not. Therefore, you have a vital interest in keeping your car’s braking system in sound condition. After all, you need those! Of course, you know that. What you might not know, however, is that certain driving

How Will You Know if Your Shocks are in Shocking Condition?: Signs of Worn Shocks — Valencia Auto Performance and Simply Smog

A Shocking Ride If your suspension system is in disrepair, your comfort and handling may be quite “shocking.” An automobile’s shock absorbers are engineered to create a smoother ride and help you maintain control of your car as you cross imperfections in the road surface. If you’re no longer experiencing a comfortable ride or if

Common Check Engine Light Causes

Erasing the Check Engine Warning — Valencia Auto Performance & Simply Smog If you drive long enough, you will probably see the check engine light illuminate on your dash panel at some point. Beyond being annoying, it’s a sure sign that something is amiss with your auto. While it isn’t dangerous to continue driving the